Marijuana Laws In Colorado and Other Important Information

MARIJUANA- A New Era of Legalization

Most of the country is watching Colorado as it moves into unknown and new territory- the legalization of marijuana.  This legalization of marijuana is not without issue.  Of the most compounding issue is that Marijuana is still listed as a schedule one drug, which makes any possession of cannabis illegal, regardless if a person is in the state of Colorado. Colorado passed a Constitutional Amendment that allows for possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use.  HOWEVER a state Constitutional Amendment in regards to cannabis does not trump the Federal law.  Colorado is able to offer and sell recreational marijuana because the federal government is not enforcing its own law.

Marijuana – Federal Schedule 1 Drug

By classifying marijuana as a schedule 1 drug, the federal government is saying that marijuana is highly addictive and has no medicinal benefit.  Due to this classification, studies into the medicinal benefits of marijuana have been limited.  As the attitude is changing to marijuana’s medicinal benefit, we may soon see additional research and benefits of marijuana.

Marijuana – changes in laws and regulations

In Colorado, marijuana laws and enforcement of the laws are constantly changing. There are changes at the Federal level and State level that may affect marijuana purchase and consumption.

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